Frequently asked questions

Does it use electricity?
Yes. We provide either a 50 or 100 foot extension cord for your rental period, so be sure your selected setup area is near an electrical outlet. The blower will need to run continuously to keep the unit inflated.

What is your delivery area?
We currently serve all of the Greater Memphis/Shelby County Area including Desoto County in Mississippi and other nearby counties. Delivery fees may apply if you are located outside of our 15 mile radius.

How much space will I need?
You will need at least 2 feet around the perimeter of the unit. We’ve included dimensions of each of our units on our website. Ex. You would need a 17’X17’ space for a 15’X15’ bounce house. Also be aware of overhead clearance, which will need to be free from any low hanging limbs or wires.

What is your cancelation policy?
If you cancel for any reason other than inclement weather a cancellation fee will be assessed per unit reserved if we are unable to rent the unit to someone else. You may cancel or reschedule without penalty in the case of inclement weather. Please note that if there is a risk of high winds or thunderstorms we reserve the right to cancel your reservation to avoid potential injuries and/or damage to equipment.

How many children can fit in a bounce house?
The number will vary depending on which inflatable unit you rent. Most will accommodate 8-10 children less than 12 years of age. Older children and teens pose a greater risk of overcrowding and injury, therefore only 4-6 should occupy the unit at the same time. It is not recommended to mix age groups, i.e. older teens with younger children, as there will be a greater risk of injury.

Are your units safe and clean?
Yes. All of our units are cleaned and inspected regularly. At installation we make every effort to properly stake and secure each unit in order to avoid any tipping or wind mishaps. Please note that as a matter of safety we will not operate our inflatable units in the case of high winds or thunderstorms.

What are the rules for use for inflatables?
Adult supervision is required at all times. No shoes, eyeglasses, food, drinks, gum, candy, markers, crayons, pens, body paint, sharp objects or fake snow! ABSOLUTELY NO SILLY STRING!

What type of surface do I need for setup?
We will set up on grass or pavement (concrete or asphalt). We will not set up on gravel or where there are tree roots, or anything sharp nearby. Under no circumstances will we set up where we think the inflatable will pose a safety risk to children or damage to the equipment.

Do I need to provide my own hose for water units?
Yes. You will need a hose that reaches from your outside water source to the   unit.

Do you set up in parks or other public locations?
Yes, if you have obtained the proper approval from park officials. Some parks require proof of insurance, which we can provide upon request. Some parks do not allow inflatables, so be sure you obtain approval before reserving your inflatable. You should also be sure that the park will provide electricity at your chosen venue; otherwise you will need a generator. We have generators available for rent if needed.

What if my yard slopes?
A slight slope is not a problem. If the slope is significant we may not be able to set up at that location. Your installer may request an alternate location, so please have one in mind. Our priority is safety for children and our installers, as well as preventing damage to equipment.